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How to add a new Customer
How to add a new Customer

Learn how to create a new customer, or edit customer details in your PodiumIO account

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Here is a step by step process to add a new customer to your PodiumIO account after you sign in.

Step 1. Navigate to the left side menu and click on "Customers". On the right side menu, under "Actions", click on "Create Customer."

Step 2. Fill in the required details of your customer, such as email, name, and address.

Step 3. You can add a Billing email address if it is different than customer's Primary email address.

Step 4. Select your communication preferences, such as language, and whether you would like to send booking confirmations & notifications via email or SMS, or both.

Select your preferred language and mode (Email/SMS) for communication  or notification to your customers

Step 4. Select your preferred payment option, like cash, check, credit card, debit card, e-check, etc.

Payment methods to charge your customer

Step 5. After all required details are filled in, click on "Create Customer."

You can now do multiple actions related to the customer like edit/update customer details or create a booking, charge, generate invoice and more!

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