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Manage and coordinate with your team remotely with our Mobile App

PodiumIO mobile app for home service businesses

Easiest way to manage your service provider in real-time from anywhere anytime

  • Save time & do more with immediate mobile access to all bookings & updates with a simple touch

  • Manage your team remotely with mobile alerts & notifications, check-in/check-out

  • Better customer experience by your Service Provider with access to the pre-set information via attachments & notes

Here is a feature tour of our mobile app -

Your service provider can

  • View all the booking details,

  • Navigate to the client location with map features,

  • Contact customer (when given permission by admin)

  • Inform you if they are on way or running late

  • Let you know Check-in/Check-out

  • Edit their personal settings

    Let's look at each feature in detail -

  • Bookings - You can view all the bookings assigned to all your service providers in a single view

  • Booking Detail Screen - You can view the details related to a specific booking like Customer name, Id, Booking date & time, Service type (Home cleaning, lawn mowing, auto repair, type change, dog walking, etc), location, name of the service provider the booking is assigned to, booking attachments, notes, etc.

  • Assignments - Your service provider can view all the bookings that are only assigned to them under Assignments

  • Assignment Detail Screen - The complete information related to each assignment is displayed on this screen like customer name, assignment time & date, location

  • On Way & Running Late - Your service provider can send you a notification by 1-click if they are on the way or running late. You can keep your customer informed & give them a delightful service experience.

  • Check-in & Check-out - Your service provider can keep you informed when they check-in/check-out from the customer location.

  • Maps - You can optimize the travel time with the map option. The default mobile map will open up like google maps, etc.

  • Customer Information - All the customer information will be available for easy access.

  • Contact Customer - You can enable or disable the option for your service provider to call or text the customer.

  • More - You have the various option to view assignments, bookings, edit personal settings, app settings, etc

  • Personal Settings - You can view all your information under personal settings like name, address, mobile no, etc

For Grow Subscribers

Download the App - Google Play | App Store

Manage and coordinate with your team remotely with our Mobile App

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