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An overview of settings related to administrator, service provider and your customers

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In this article, we will cover what types of user accounts exist on the system.

Currently, there are:
1) Administrators,
2) Service providers (the employees that perform the service for the customer), and
3) Customers (the people receiving the service).

Customers, Administrator and Service Provider user accounts that exist in PodiumIO

The employee roles (administrators and service providers) are not mutually exclusive, meaning that an administrator can also be a service provider.

An administrator can also be a service provider

Here are a few examples to explain -

Use Case 1. You are an administrator as well as a service provider

If you are a team of 2 people and both of you manage the business as well as give service to the client. In this case, both of you are an administrator and service provider

Settings when an administrator is also a service provider

Use Case 2. Administrator & Service provider is different

If you have a team of 10 people under you and you are the owner & manager of the business. In this case, your service provider will not have any administrator rights.

Settings when an administrator is not a service provider

All users have an account with a unique email and a password. If you’ve forgotten your password, follow “Oops, I forgot” my password button on the sign in page. If you’d like to change/update it within your PodiumIO account, see How do I change my password.

1) Administrator

An administrator (also referred to as an operator) is a managerial-type role. Administrators can be owners, which means that they are able to change/cancel the PodiumIO subscription. All administrators are able to see the entirety of the ops console. All administrators are able to add other administrators, service providers and customers to the system. For more on adding other employee accounts, see How do I add other administrators & service providers.

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If you’d like to edit Administrator accounts, this can be done from the Employee profile, which can be found on the Settings / Employees page.

2) Service Provider (requires subscription)

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A Grow subscription is required to add service providers. A service provider is an employee or contractor that performs the service for your customer. Each service provider has their own Employee Work Calendar with its own set of Work Hours and Non-working hours. Work Calendars can be synced to individual Google Calendars (How can my employee see their assigned bookings in their own external Google Calendar).

If a service provider is not also an administrator, they are only able to see a portion of the ops console when they log into the system. If you’d like to expand or restrict what they are able view further, see How can I restrict which parts of the ops console my service providers can see.

If you’d like to edit Service Provider accounts, this can be done from the Service Provider profile, which can be found either on Settings / Employees or on the Service Providers list page.

3) Customer

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People you & your team provide service to are referred to as customers. In order for a booking to be created, a customer account to which you want to attach the booking must exist. As an administrator, customer accounts can be created from the “Create Customer” button in the Actions Panel on the Customers list page. If you’d like to import or export large volumes of customers, please see How can I import and export my customers

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