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How to create an internal/call-in/on-premise booking from scratch (custom booking)?
How to create an internal/call-in/on-premise booking from scratch (custom booking)?

Step by step process to create a custom booking

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Please note: You need to add a customer before creating a booking.

On your Dashboard, click on "Create Booking"

Create “Internal,” “Call-In,” or “On-Premise” Bookings from dashboard

Step 1. Enter your customer email and Click on "Create a Custom Booking"

Select the service type from the drop-down option

Step 2. Check details about the location of the service and edit if you would like to. Click "Next" to proceed.

Step 3. Enter details of the service like the type of service, cost, time required. You can add multiple booking options ($ plus sign)

You can also add a discount like first-time purchase, festive discount, etc. This can be provided in the form of a percentage (%) or amount ($) or time (hrs). For example, you can give 30 minutes of your cleaning time free of cost to your customer.

Add extras if required, like dishwashing, microwave cleaning, etc

Step 4. Schedule the booking for the specified date & time. If you want to leave the booking as unscheduled, it will show in your dashboard under unscheduled bookings and will not show in your booking calendar.

You can also select booking frequency, if it's a one time purchase or weekly, monthly, etc

Step 5. Choose your preferences for communication with your customer.

  • If you would like to send a confirmation email to your customer or not.

  • You can also allow your customers to reschedule or cancel a booking in a specified time frame.

Now, you can choose to "Create Booking Now" or can add "More Options" to your booking

More Options -

There are other options to input notes, upload attachments, choose a payment method.

Choose how you intend to charge your customer.

Click "Create Booking" and done!

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