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Add a gallery section on your e-commerce website homepage
Add a gallery section on your e-commerce website homepage

Add a gallery of images on your custom PodiumIO website homepage.

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In this tutorial, you will see how to modify your homepage to add a gallery of images.

  1. Inside the Wordpress dashboard, click on Pages in the left sidebar.

  2. Select the home page in the table listing all of the pages.

  3. Once inside the page editor for the front page, click on the blue “+” sign in the top left corner.

  4. In the popup menu search for the “group” block and select it to insert it in the page.

  5. The inserted group block should be at the bottom of the page, click the “+” sign in this new section to add content inside the group block.

  6. In the popup menu that appears, search for the “Heading” block and select it to add it in the group

  7. Type your gallery section title in the box that appears. Something like “Our work speaks for itself” is a nice title for a gallery section.

  8. In the heading block’s floating toolbar, click on the alignment icon to center align your title.

  9. In the same floating toolbar, click on the three dots on the right and select “Insert after”.

  10. Click on the black “+” on the right of the new block that appeared.

  11. In the popup menu, search for “gallery” and select it to insert it below the title.

  12. Click on Media Library in the gallery block that appeared. The media library will popup.

  13. In the media library, select images you want to add in your gallery or upload new images. Click on Add to gallery when you have selected the images you wanted to add.

  14. In the right sidebar, you can select the number of columns your gallery should have.

  15. Click on Update in the right hand corner to save your changes.

Note: a more in depth guide on how to use the page editor is available here.

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