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Step by Step Guide on how to purchase & set up your MioCommerce subscription including a Website Theme & Hosting option
Step by Step Guide on how to purchase & set up your MioCommerce subscription including a Website Theme & Hosting option

Step by step process on how to activate your MioCommerce Subscription, choose a theme, complete the hosted content form & add booking pages

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MioCommerce Offers our customers an All-in-one e-commerce solution designed for Selling Services. As a part of this, we offer fully customizable & professionally designed e-commerce website themes, also known as your Online e-Service Store

Here's a step-by-step process on how to buy and select MioCommerce Website Theme.

Step 1. Buy your MioCommerce Subscription

Step 2. Choose a MioCommerce E-commerce Website Theme (Detailed Article)

Step 3. Customize your content for your website via MioCommerce Hosted Content form (Detailed Article)

Step 4. Add unlimited Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking Pages to your website (Detailed Article)

MioCommerce's Online e-Service Stores are built-in WordPress the world's most popular website builder platform. All MioCommerce website themes are designed to optimize the conversion of your online visitors into instant buyers via your fully customizable Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking Pages. In your MioCommerce dashboard, you can create unlimited Live Pricing & Real-Time Booking pages, for each service you wish to sell. With a simple click and paste, we install them onto your new e-commerce website which then allows visitors to;

  1. Instantly obtain live personalized pricing,

  2. Book a confirmed appointment based on your team's real-time availability,

  3. Securely pay online, and

  4. Instant see a booking confirmation on your website (your Online e-service store) as well as instantly receive an email booking confirmation.

Your visitors no longer have to wait to get a quote or estimate! Hence you convert them right while they are most engaged - when they actively shop. More importantly, you stop them from continuing to shop around.

Step 1 - Buy your MioCommerce Subscription

To buy MioCommerce Subscription with our website + Hosting option you would first need to sign-in (If you have not yet registered, please register your account).

  1. In your dashboard, on the left menu go to Settings, then Subscriptions.

  2. Once in Subscriptions, select the Subscription level of your choice (Startup or Grow), Make sure to answer "Yes" to the question "Select a website theme including hosting" and select the theme.

  3. Add your credit card details to your account.

  4. Finally, click on the orange "Update My Subscription" button.

And voila, you are now on your way to launching your new E-commerce Online- E-service Store for your brand and services.

Step 2 - Choose a MioCommerce E-commerce Website Theme

Once you have activated your account it's time to select a website theme design. There are multiple design options for you to choose from among our beautiful home service e-commerce website themes. Simply let us know by email at [email protected], via our live chat, call us at +1 888-975-4550 or Book a live 1-on-1 Demo to let us know which design you've chosen.

Visit our Pricing page to know more about about is included in each Theme and pricing.

Our website themes are mobile responsive, customizable, SEO ready, and are connected to your MioCommerce account so you can manage your entire business 24/7, from anywhere, anytime using all our e-commerce features to grow & simplify your operations. Go live in just a few hours!

Step 3 - Customize your content for your website via MioCommerce Hosted Content form

Filling out the Hosted Website Content in your MioCommerce account is the third step to creating your website! By following the easy and clear steps in the Hosted Website Form, and adding some short written content, images, and pictures specific to your business, you can personalize your website!

Step 4 - Add Live Pricing and Real-Time Booking Pages to your website

Once you have submitted the content updates and image changes, the next step is to create your Live Pricing and Real-Time booking pages for each of the services you intend to sell or offer on your website. Once these are submitted on the second page of the E-form, MioCommerce will take all submitted content and display it on a temporary hosted website URL for you to review and approve. Once approved our website designers will provide you with instructions on how to point your domain (DNS) to your new website hosted on MioCommerce’s servers.

Your site will be live within 48 hours of receiving your completed content. Once live, we will send you the login credentials (with your own password) to your WordPress account.

If you want to self-install a booking page to your website, you can do so in 3 simple steps - How to install booking pages on your website


Your E-Service Store is ready for your customers to start buying your services online.

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