PodiumIO Website Themes Explained

Know more about "Advanced" and "Premium" Website themes to choose the one that suits your business

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This article explains various options of E-commerce website themes offered by PodiumIO and their benefits.

Learn more about pricing and what's included in different themes by visiting our pricing page

We have two levels of each website theme; "Advanced" and "Premium". Premium theme includes 5 additional website features pre-built into it. To learn more about the additional website features and their benefits click here

Tour of Advanced theme -

The additional features of the Premium website include:

  1. A two-layered website structure to allow for two main categories (example" Home vs Commercial Services. to be displayed separately both on the home page, in the main drop-down menu for both the Service Page and the Book Now button.

2. A Dedicated website page for each main category. The dedicated category page showcases all the services in the same category on 1 page.

3. Call-to-Action CARD on the home page banner which can be linked to the booking page of your most popular service.

4. Testimonials section on the home page

5. Leave a REVIEW section that allows your clients and website visitors to leave you a review on your favorite social media accounts/platforms such as Google reviews, yelp, etc...

6. Blogs Integration - This includes a blog section on your website's home page which is also connected to a dedicated BLOG page for you to add and post unlimited Blog posts via your Wordpress account.

To learn more on how and why these 6 sections are beneficial to have on your e-commerce website - a.k.a your Online E-Service Store - we invite you to download > PodiumIO's guide on 14 ways to generate and drive traffic to your website.

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