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What is a Customer Portal and how it works?
What is a Customer Portal and how it works?

Learn what is a Customer Portal and how to start using this feature

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The Customer portal will allow your customers to sign in to a secure platform to view their upcoming appointments and details.

Being a mobile responsive site it gives your customers access to view all their upcoming appointments and their details like service location, service type, payment information, recent charges, who will be visiting, etc. from the phone.

How it works -

Below are the steps to start using the Customer Portal feature -

  1. Navigate to Settings

3. Once this setting is saved as "YES", any customer who books your service henceforth from your booking page, will automatically receive the invite to the Customer Portal along with the booking confirmation email.

4. Save your new settings

The interface of the Customer Portal will have your company branding -

1. You will have a unique sign-in URL for your company.

For example - For the company Pro Home Services, the Sign-in link will be

NOTE: there is a French URL available as well.

2. Your company name,

3. Logo, and

4. Color scheme

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