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How can I add a Customer Portal Sign-in link on my PodiumIO powered website?
How can I add a Customer Portal Sign-in link on my PodiumIO powered website?

Allow your customers to login to their customer portal from your website

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You can allow your customers to sign in to their customer portal directly from your PodiumIO powered website.

Here is Step by Step Instructions and Video on how to add it yourself and to know how PodiumIO can do it for you > click here.

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Log in to your WordPress website.

2. Inside the Wordpress dashboard, click on Appearance > Menus in the left sidebar.

3. In the “Select a menu to edit:” dropdown select the menu you want to modify. The Menu 1 (Primary) is your main website menu displayed at the top of your website. The Sitemap (Footer menu) is the menu at the bottom of every page of your website and click Select.

4. To add a customer sign-in link to the main menu, select custom links under dropdown menus under “Add menu items”.

5. Get the URL from your PodiumIO Ops > Service pages > Customer portal

6. Paste the above URL under the custom link URL tab. Write the link text as "Customer Sign in"and click Add to menu. This will add the item at the bottom of the menu, you can then drag and drop the item to reorder it.

7. Click on Save Menu to save your changes.

Skip the hassle! Want us to handle it?

PodiumIO product experts are available to help! Connect with us and our team will get your project up and running in no time! There is a one-time set-up cost of $40

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