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Get Started with Reviews - Overview Section
Get Started with Reviews - Overview Section

Learn about satisfaction score, topics, no. of reviews received, reviews requiring your attention, etc

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PodiumIO Local Digital Marketing - More Local Customers For Local Businesses

Supercharge your Local Digital Marketing with Listings, Reviews & On-site Reviews

This new service is specifically targeted to helping you reach more local customers and increase local traffic to your PodiumIO powered e-commerce website. Combined with your “Live Pricing & Real-Time Online Booking pages” these 3 services will increase the opportunity to convert more local prospects into new paying customers.

Interested to know how this works? Book a 30 mins demo and learn how listings & reviews can get you more customers.

Our Reviews Solution lets you monitor, track, and respond to all reviews across supported channels and request new ones - All from a single platform. Send positive reviews to the channel and handle negative reviews privately, and much more.

👉 Reviews Overview Section

The first page you'll see when you open Review Manager is the Overview page.

Here you'll see the Satisfaction score right in the center and to the left the Topics.

The satisfaction score is a combination of the ratings your visitors have given you and the rating our algorithm has given those same reviews based on the highlighted keywords and topics. The Topics section is a great way to see what's going well and what might not be going so well based on the ratings. Clicking on any of the Topics will take you to all reviews containing that topic.

You will also see the number of reviews received in the selected time period and the reviews requiring your attention.

Scrolling further down you see a Keywords section where all reviews containing those keywords can be seen having been given a positive or negative rating.

The Platform Overview shows you which platforms you have connected to the Settings part of Review Manager. The reviews of those platforms are now manageable in the Reviews & Posts section.

The Satisfaction graphs show you how keywords/ topics have been performing over time.

👉 Next - Start by connecting your accounts in the review settings & gain insights into your reviews.

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