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How to set my competitors in reviews?
How to set my competitors in reviews?

Compare ratings per platform for up to 3 competitors

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Selecting your main competitors is easy and fast! It is very important to consider competitors like the ones that give the 'same' service that you give and operate the same or similar type of business. This way you will be able to control what's new, what you can do better, or keep doing better.

2- On the left menu, go to Review Manager > Settings tab

3- Configure your competitors > Click Add more & look up your competitors via Google.

Simply add competitors, by looking them up in Google, it might help to narrow down your search by adding the town or city.

Keeping an eye on your competitors can help you a lot! Because you can be a step further and have the information on what people think about your Business. You can be part of the conversation, remedy any damage, have second chances with the customers, and defend your establishment. You are able to compare rankings within a three months period for all three competitors. You can see the ratings per platform and business:


You can also check what the main topics are that people talk about in the other locations, what they believe to be good or bad.

With all this data you can take a deeper look into your competitor's reviews. With all these insights you will be able to manage a better strategy to beat them and give your customers a better experience. You can share important information with your employees and keep on improving.

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