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How to request reviews inside the Review platform?
How to request reviews inside the Review platform?

Easily get more reviews and customer feedback by creating your own campaign. It only takes a few minutes.

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👉 Request reviews by creating the campaign

To request reviews, start by setting up the campaign:

Step 1. Go to your Reviews Tab in the dashboard and click on "Create a campaign"

Step 2. Select the location (your business) to set up the campaign for

Step 3. Select the platform you wish to receive more reviews for? We automatically list the platforms that are linked in your Reviews account.


Step 4. Remember you can redirect the negative feedback to a private email. We recommend having an eye on those negative feedback because it's the key to improvement and success.

Step 5. In the Campaign Setup, you will only be able to edit the top image. The text must be the same. We'll manage when to send out the campaign and optimize the e-mails, in order to improve the performance of the e-mail campaign.

Step 6. In the final step, you can add the email address manually or import the email address (Check out -how to import your customer email address to the review platform from PodiumIO?). If you are going to import from your PodiumIO account, please remember it should be an excel spreadsheet, with only emails and not more than 5000 emails per campaign.

Step 7. Next, you will be shown a summary page where you can check all of the settings. You can start the campaign automatically, or start it later.


You're all set to receive reviews on your chosen platform.

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