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How does the PodiumIO Review Portal work?
How does the PodiumIO Review Portal work?

Learn how to manage and get more reviews from your customers

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Win customers from your competitors with a high number of positive reviews

PodiumIO Local Digital Marketing - More Local Customers For Local Businesses

Supercharge your Local Digital Marketing with Listings, Reviews & On-site Reviews

Why Reviews are important for your local businesses?

  • 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase

  • 81% of all customers say that reviews increase confidence in an offer

  • 71% of purchase decisions are influenced by reviews

How does Google evaluate reviews?

  • Volume - Reviews are one of the easiest ways for Google to assess popularity. More Reviews better the chances to appear on top search results.

  • Diversity - It’s not only a best practice, but it’s also essential to earn reviews from your customers on some sites beyond Google

  • Velocity - 73% of consumers think that reviews older than three months are no longer relevant

Other factors that contribute are the content of the review, star rating, and the reviewer.

Our Reviews Solution lets you request reviews from all your customers in a single click (increasing volume), Manage the diversity of reviews by choosing the platform you want your review to get published. Respond to all reviews across supported channels. Increase the number of positive reviews by getting them published and handle negative reviews privately, and much more.

Getting started with Reviews is super simple. Once you have Subscribed to PodiumIO Reviews Portal

Step 1. You can start doing the setup yourself or PodiumIO can do it for you for a one-time cost.

Step 2. Connect your account with the review platform

Step 4. Start requesting reviews from your customer

Voila! Done. It is that simple. You will start to see data for reviews to analyze.

The Reviews Portal helps you -

  • Request & Share the best reviews

Request reviews from your customers, pick the platform you want the positive reviews to be published on. Send to one or multiple email id or import your customer's data directly

  • Control Your Reviews the way you want

Share positive customer reviews on the site you select. Reviews from dissatisfied clients are emailed privately to you so you can take immediate action.

  • Respond to reviews faster

An integrated dashboard lets you see all of your reviews in one place. Easily respond to online reviews right from your dashboard. Filter them by platform, keywords, and more. Consistently responding to 75% of reviews is rewarded by review sites with an improved ranking

  • Stay ahead of the competition

You can monitor competitors’ rankings and satisfaction scores for industry-specific KPIs so you can see what aspects of their business consumers like more than yours - that way you are ahead of the game and can offer better services where they lack competence or improve your operations to better compete against their strengths

  • Track Real-time results

Track ratings and reviews over time to identify trends and patterns by business location. Filter by date, location, review site, or star rating. See which sites are naturally getting good reviews and which you might want to drive clients to so you can ensure a strong number of positive ratings across all channels.

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