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How to enable the Multiple-Days-of-the-Week Option?
How to enable the Multiple-Days-of-the-Week Option?
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To create a call-in booking for Multiple-Days-of-the-Week (Grow Feature) using an existing booking page, first enable the setting inside the booking page. Here's how to do it.

How to enable the Multiple Days of the Week feature?

You can either choose to create a booking from an existing booking page or create a custom booking.

Scenario 1. If you select to create it from a booking page, you need to enable the Days-of-the-week frequency option inside that booking page's frequency section. (Check how to enable this feature on booking pages.)

Scenario 2. If you select to create a custom booking, there is no need to enable this feature anywhere. The Mulitple-Days-of-the-Week frequency option will be available by default.

Below is the step by step instructions for Scenario 1

Step 1. On the left navigation menu, click on Booking Pages.

Step 2. Select the Booking Page for which you would like this setting

Step 3. Go to the Frequency section of the booking page and click on the gear icon to enable the type of multiple-day frequency you need on this booking page.

Step 4. Once you click on the gear icon, a pop-up will open, scroll to the bottom. You will find a section to select Multiple Days of the Week. Click on the + icon to enable the frequency you want on that booking page. Click Done and save the booking page.

You have successfully configured the Multiple Days of the Week for this booking page. So now when you create a call-in booking using this booking page (where you enable the settings) . . .

. . . you will see the enabled Multi-Day frequency in the dropdown while creating the call-in booking.

The Multiple-Days-of-the-Week feature will let you select any days of the week. It is super simple to edit the frequency and days of the week for a booking.

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