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Learn how QuickBooks Online (QBO) works, how to connect your PodiumIO account to QBO, and how to map taxes correctly - plus FAQs.

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Note: You need a Grow Account to use this Feature.

QuickBooks Online is a tool commonly used by small to medium sized companies, to manage their businesses. The main reason to link your QuickBooks Online account with PodiumIO is to make your Bookkeeping easier, and to prevent from entering customer billings twice and creating duplicate entries, across PodiumIO and QuickBooks.

Our QuickBooks App allows you to sync the following transactions from PodiumIO to your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account:

  • When a payment is captured, we send the payment to QBO as a Sales Receipt

  • When a payment is refunded, we send the charge reversal to QBO as a Refund

The Quickbooks Help Series will cover the below topics:

👉 How are customers mapped?

Please note - Customers only get created and matched in QBO when needed, upon the first charge to the customer.

Scenario 1 - A new customer is created in PodiumIO, that never existed before in QuickBooks.

What Happens? When you charge or refund a customer, a new customer will be created in QuickBooks with name, email address, phone no. and billing address.

Scenario 2 - A customer already exists in QuickBooks, then a transaction is made in PodiumIO.

PodiumIO will create a match by their Email address. Make sure that you use the same email address for the customer in both accounts to sync the information correctly.

Also, please note that QuickBooks doesn't allow you to create two different customers with the same first name & last name. Your customer's name needs to be unique for QuickBooks to create & map the correct data.

👉 Syncing payments captured

When you capture a payment, PodiumIO does the following:

  1. Checks if the Customer associated with the transaction is linked to QuickBooks yet. If it is not, a new QuickBooks customer record is created and linked to the customer in PodiumIO. (Based on the integration settings you choose)

  2. Since these transactions represent a payment that was collected from the customer, a Sales Receipt is created in QuickBooks and is linked to the transaction in PodiumIO.

You may now view the sales receipt for this transaction in your QBO account by going to Transactions > Sales.

👉 Syncing Refunds

The process for syncing refunds is very similar to how charges/payments are synced. The main difference is that a Refund appears in QuickBooks instead of a sales receipt.

What happens next? Start Integrating QuickBooks with PodiumIO

Frequently asked questions

👉 If I make changes in my QuickBooks account, are the changes automatically synced back to PodiumIO?

No. PodiumIO’s QuickBooks integration only performs a “one-way” sync to QBO. This means that once a customer profile in PodiumIO is linked to a record in QBO, then changes in PodiumIO will overwrite the record in QBO and not the other way round.

👉 Will changes I make in PodiumIO overwrite data in my QuickBooks account?

Yes, this is possible. Because PodiumIO performs “one-way” sync to QBO, if a customer profile in PodiumIO is already linked to a record in QBO, then changes in PodiumIO will overwrite the data in QBO.

👉 How are customers created in QBO after I connect PodiumIO?

Customers only get created upon the first payment or refund to the customer. Then the regular information sync happens when needed.

👉 Can I have customers with the same first & last name?

QBO does not support more than one customer with the first and last name. Customers are matched by email address first, then first/last name.

👉 What if I don't have a billing address for a customer?

In QBO, the billing address is the PodiumIO customer’s billing address. If the billing address is not set, the personal address is used. All Sales Receipts and Refunds will use the QBO’s billing address.

👉 What happens if I haven’t used PodiumIO for a while?

There is a real possibility that QBO will deny any interaction due to inactivity. PodiumIO will detect a connection problem and notify the operator by email. Quick Books Online must be reconnected through the App Market > Quickbooks.

Click here to find out how to Connect to Quickbooks from the App Market.

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