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How can I check if my customers are receiving notifications?
How can I check if my customers are receiving notifications?

Send test email and/or SMS to your customers to confirm if they are receiving notifications like booking confirmation, reminders, etc

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You can now ensure if your customers are receiving the notification by sending a test email and/or SMS. PodiumIO will send test messages to your customer.

To send the test email, please follow the below steps -

Step 1. On the left main menu, please go to the customer and select the customer you would like to send a test email and/or SMS

Step 2. On the right menu "Actions", click on advanced.

Step 3. The button "Test Email and SMS" will appear.

Step 4. Once you click, a window will pop up sharing the customer's email and SMS preference. If you click "No" on any of the email and/or SMS, it will not go. Select the option and done!

Note. If the communication preference to receive an email and SMS is chosen as "No" by your customer. If you select "Yes" on this pop-up window, you will be sending an email and SMS despite their preferences.

You may want to follow up with your customer to ensure they have received them.

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