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Updating Customer Profiles to include pictures
Updating Customer Profiles to include pictures

Add pictures to easily identify your Service Providers

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Adding pictures to your Service Provider's profiles is quick and easy, and makes it easy to identify each of your Service Providers from the Dispatcher and in their Customer Profiles.

Once added, service provider photos can been seen in the following places:

Service Provider Photos will shown in the Customer Portal within the platform, in Dispatching within the platform, and in Booking reminder emails to customers, such as:

  • Service provider on their way

  • Service provider running late

  • Service provider checking in

  • Service provider checked out

To Add Service Provider Photos:

Login to your PodiumIO account, and click on Service Provider Management then "Service Providers" in the left side navigation bar.

Open a Service Provider profile by clicking on the right hand side menu arrow.

Click on Upload a new photo in the Profile Photo section.

Add a new profile picture for your service provider. The image must be a JPEG or PNG file, be no more than 2MB in size, and be at no more than 2048px in both width and height. For the best user experience, a PNG should be used and be of equal width and height.

Click Select a file to upload a photo, and choose it from your PC. Click Save.

Complete these steps to add profile photos for your other Service Providers.

In your Dispatcher, you will now see these profile photos along the left hand side of your page, for easy reference!

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