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Deleting Customers, and Customer Data
Deleting Customers, and Customer Data

How can I permanently delete my customer's details in PodiumIO to protect their privacy?

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You may wish to delete a customer, but keep some metadata about them in the PodiumIO platform for reporting purposes.

To keep their private information safe, like their first and last name, email address, personal home address, and any banking information that may exist in PodiumIO for them, you can choose to "Delete and Mask Sensitive Data."

You can manage your Service Providers by:

STEP 1: Going into Customers > Selecting the Customer you wish to delete.

STEP 2: On the right hand side menu, you will see a Customer Delete button:

STEP 3: Once you click Customer Delete, you will see two options, Delete or Delete and Mask Sensitive Data. Chose which you prefer.

  • The Delete button: archives the customer data but their name and information may show in past bookings and payments.

  • The Delete and Mask Sensitive Data button will scramble or "Mask" your customer's information such as: Phone Number, Email, Address, and Credit Card information. This is compliant with GDPR’s requirements for the “Right to be Forgotten.”

Once your customer's sensitive data has been masked, it will appear in your PodiumIO account like this, note how the name and email address appear scrambled now:

NOTE: You can look at previously Deleted Customers by going into Customers and scrolling to the very bottom of the page.

From here, you can choose to a deleted customer, and click Mask Sensitive Data to apply this to customers that may have been deleted but not “masked” previously.

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