Zapier Integration

How to set up Zapier, linking Zapier to PodiumIO, and the PodiumIO Zaps available to you.

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Note: You must be a Grow subscriber in order to utilize Zapier in PodiumIO. To adjust your subscriptions and upgrade to grow, head over to your Settings > Subscription to upgrade your subscription!

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an app that helps you automate workflows by connecting the apps and online services you use. Imagine all the apps you use for work talking to each other. Zapier connects 5,000+ apps so the conversation flows - automatically. Zapier allows you to automate tasks, and can lessen the need to do manual work, or hiring someone to manage time consuming tasks for you!

To give an example, Zapier can automatically send out a custom text right after a customer as been created. Or, maybe that information could be sent to your Mailchimp instead, to keep track of who's on your mailing list! You can think of these automated tasks as creating a “Zap” - an automated workflow that consist of a trigger and one or more actions, between one of your apps to another. When you set up and activate a new Zap, it will run every time the trigger event occurs. To get back to that example: let’s say you set a Zap for a custom text that goes out for every new customer added in PodiumIO. In this case, the new customer being added is the trigger event and the custom text is the automated action that follows.

How do I enable Zapier in my PodiumIO Account?

We suggest signing up for a Zapier account on your own first. Try this link, or search for "Zapier" online. LINK

Once you're signed up with Zapier, and ready to go:

Look on the left-hand side menu within PodiumiO, click on App Market, and then select Zapier.

Here you will be prompted to connect your Zapier account to your PodiumIO account.

Follow the prompts to connect your Zapier account, and check out the videos below for more detailed instructions!

How to connect to PodiumIO from Zapier and Create a New Zap?

VIDEO: How to connect to PodiumIO from Zapier and Create a New Zap

In this video, we show you how to connect to Zapier from within PodiumIO, and how to connect to PodiumIO within Zapier as well, so you can start creating Zaps.

What Zaps are available to me through PodiumIO?

There are two Zaps available in PodiumIO right now:

Zap Trigger 1: New Customer Created

Zap Trigger 2: Customer Information Updated

How do I program a Zap using the PodiumIO Triggers?

VIDEO: How to Program a Zap using the Data available from PodiumIO

In this video example, we show you how to add information fields into a Zap from PodiumIO to SMS (a text). This can be applied to any Zap you wish to create to any number of Zapier supported 3rd party applications.

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