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Live Pricing & Real Time Booking Page Installation: Wordpress
Live Pricing & Real Time Booking Page Installation: Wordpress
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Step-by-step instructions to install Live Pricing & Real Time Booking Page on a WordPress website -

TIP: Make sure to copy the embed code for your booking page from inside your platform before beginning. SEE: Where to find and copy the Booking Page Embed code inside your Platform

To embed your booking page into your WordPress website:

STEP 1: Login to your WordPress account: LINK

STEP 2: In the left hand menu, select Pages > All Pages

STEP 3: Select the service page you wish to add your Live Pricing and Real-Time Booking Page to.

STEP 4: Once inside the page, if there is no HTML block already added, click on the plus symbol to add a new block.

STEP 5: Type in "HTML" then select the "Custom HTML" option.

STEP 6: Paste in the embed code and click "Update" in the top left hand side corner.

COMPLETE: Your booking page is now linked and installed on the page you selected. Repeat this process for your other pages in which you desire a booking page to appear.

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