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Latest Call-in/booking process - How to create an call-in booking from scratch?
Latest Call-in/booking process - How to create an call-in booking from scratch?

(Last Updated - July 4th 2023) Create bookings in minutes with our "Call-in Booking Process"

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Last Updated - Aug 22nd, 2023

Have a customer enquiry on call or email and want to give them customised pricing instantly without asking any customer details? Not to worry! Enjoy PodiumIO's fast track "Call-in Booking Process".

Fill in the information in any sequence you want and give personalized pricing to the customer instantly!

Sections explained to "Create a call-in Booking" for new or existing customers.

Section 1. Customer details

Feel free to skip, if you wish to give pricing first to the customer and would later want to ask the customer their details

If you wish to create a booking For a new customer, you would need to add -

First Name, Last Name, Email and Phone Number

Tip - If you do not have an email, simple add a dummy email to proceed. This can be updated later.

For an existing customer, to find the customer, simple search by name, email or phone number to automatically fill in the email and location details and proceed.

Section 2. Customer Options (Optional field)

Feel free to skip this section, if you wish to give pricing first to the customer.

Select your customer's preferred language, communication preference (Email/SMS) and an option to ask for payment details.

For existing customers, these details are already in their customer profile.

Section 3. Service Location

This is not mandatory and can be added later. If you wish to share a personalized pricing with the customer, skip to "Service Type" Section.

Add the address for the location of the service. Add a location name like Gary's Home (another location name can be Gary's Vacation Home) and other details like street, city and code.

For Existing Customer, default location will appear pre-filled. There is an option to select another location or add a new one.

Section 4. Select the Service Type

To give the personalised pricing to the customer, you have 2 options -

Option A. Select to "Use an existing Booking Page". This will import all the questions and pricing plus the settings of that booking page like calendar, team size, availability and more. Plus a custom section, where you can add a custom discount or a custom line item.


Option B. You can create a booking from scratch - "A custom Booking"

Section 5. Add Booking Details

To Add Booking details, if you have selected a Booking Page (Option A) like in the above screenshot, where we have selected "Commercial Cleaning" Booking Page, all your booking page questions and extras with pricing will be displayed and you can simply select and add the booking details.

You will also get an option to add Custom line items, Extras and Discount.

If you choose to create a Custom Booking, simply click on the "Create a Custom Booking" and then "Select a Service Type". All custom options will appear.

Section 6. Select Date and Time

If you have selected a Booking Page, all the existing settings on that Booking Page will be displayed here.

Note: Any changes made on this booking will NOT effect the booking page settings. Your Booking Page remains as it is.

You can either continue to create this booking by keeping the pre-selected options for Availability Strategy, Auto Dispatching Strategy, Team Size and Dispatching team member priority


Select any other options for this booking.

Brief about each Availability Strategy :

No real-time availability - Pick any date and time for the service

Company Calendar - This will display the company operating hours. To adjust company's operating hour click here

For example: In the below image, the company's operating hours are

Wed - Friday : 08:00 am - 20:00 pm

Mon - Tues : 09:00 am - 20:00 pm

Sat - Sun: Closed

Service Providers - This availability strategy displays when your Service Provider is avaliable to work based on their calendar.

If you have selected a Booking Page to create the booking, then the availability will depend on the settings of your respective booking page

For example - In the below image, the booking page availability settings is set to "Service Providers" as well as "Use operating hours for this booking page" as NO. Hence, you can observe that the Service Provider availability displays time slots for Saturday too.(Operating hours are from Monday to Friday)

Booking Page Settings Image -

If you would like to display the Service Provider availability within the company operating hours, Go to the booking page > Settings > Availability and Dispatching Settings. Simply click "Yes" to "Use operating hours for this booking page" and select the availability strategy as "Service Provider"

Auto-Dispatching Strategy : You have an option to assign booking to the Service Provider one by one i.e manually or automatically based on the pre-defined priorities.

For example, the below image shares a Booking Page Settings for Auto- Dispatching as "Automatic".

If the time size is set to 1, then any booking coming from this booking page will first get assigned to Kritika Gupta and then John Nash.

If the time size is set to 2, this booking page will only display times when both the Service Providers are available for the job.

As our Availability Strategy in the below image is set to - "Service Provider" (use operating hours are set to No in the booking page settings), Auto-Dispatching Strategy - "Automatic" and Team Size - 1

Hence, any booking coming from this booking page will display hours whenever the preferred Service Provider are avaliable (irrespective of the operating hours), then the booking will be automatically dispatched to Kritika Gupta and if the first Service provider (Kritika) is not avaliable then to John Nash.

Dispatch to Service providers display which Service Providers are selected, avaliable and unavaliable for this booking. If other Service Providers are available, you will be able to select any number of service providers.

Note: Do not forgot to update the "Team Size" if you wish to select more or less service provider than your booking page

Section 7. Select the Frequency of the booking

If a booking is being created from a booking page, then the frequencies options added to that booking page will display in the drop down.

For custom booking, all avaliable frequency will appear.

Section 8. Select Notification Settings

  • Select if you would like to send a confirmation email to your customer.

  • Select if you would like to allow the customer to reschedule a booking.

  • Select by Latest when the Customer is Allowed to Reschedule, like --24 Hours Before or 48 Hours Before or Anytime etc

  • Select if you would like to Allow the customer to cancel a booking

  • Select by Latest when the Customer is Allowed to Cancel

Section 9. Add any Booking Notes if needed

Section 10. Add Recurrence notes

If it's a recurring booking like every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks etc, then add notes that gets displayed on the recurring bookings.

Section 11. Add a Booking Attachment if needed

Add a customer home pictures or a checklist if you want.

Select if you would like to share with the customer or not.

Select if you would like to share with the Service Provider or not.

Section 12. Select Taxes

You have an option to select from multiple taxes that you would have already added under your tax settings

There is also an option to if you would like to include the taxes or not for the booking.

Section 13. Payment Method

There are 3 options to collect the payment -

a. Use PodiumIO Payments (via Stripe) - Add a new card

b. Collect through other payment method - Like cash, cheque, Groupon etc

c. Not now - Decide later

You are all set to create a booking for a new or existing customer!

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