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How can I create a quote for a customer?
How can I create a quote for a customer?

Step by step process on how to create & send a quote

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This feature allows you to automatically send professional “quote” emails from your email, to customers who insist on receiving a quote before booking. The quote feature is available for each of your services’ booking pages and accessed in each booking page editor by following the simple procedures below.

Sending a quote

1. Go to Booking Pages in your admin, and select the booking page that you would like to send a quote for.

2. In the left-hand menu, select “Quote (beta).” When you click on it, it will automatically bring up a subset of your booking page. This is your new “quote page” for that same service. it excludes; the location, the calendar, payments section as these are not required for a quote).

Quote Page in PodiumIO

3. Enter the customer information and fill in the main criteria for the customer. The Options section of your “quote page” is an exact replicate of your booking page including the “extra’s.

4. On each “quote page”, directly above the “send quote” button, you will find a check-off which gives you the option to automatically send a “quote” email to the customer or not to send a quote. Check this box if you’d like an email to be sent to your customer.

Automatically send/not send a “quote” email to the customer

Note: If you select “send quote” directly to the customer, it will send an email to the customer (and a copy to you. Your copy will include the labor time for the job. If you did not select “send quote” to the customer, an email will ONLY be sent to your email address. You then have the option to forward it to your customer with any additional comments you may want to add in the body of your email.

In its current version, this feature does not allow for capturing or storing the data entered in the “quote page”. Future updates will. Hence, in the interim when using this option we recommend you file a copy of the automated sent email.

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