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How does "real-time availability scheduling" work?
How does "real-time availability scheduling" work?
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With the scheduling aspect of our live pricing and real-time booking pages you would be able to -

  1. Display your availabilities in real-time

2. Block off times you are not available.

3. Set your operating hours.

4. Set up interval (travel /set up) times between bookings.

5. Set the number of cleaners per service.

6. Set up the time needed for each task or criteria of a cleaning. This will automatically determine the duration of each booking (ex. if each bedroom takes 1 hour, and each bathroom take 0.5 hours, a house that has two bedrooms and one bath would be reflected in the system as a 2.5 hour service). Our booking pages are so flexible you can customize the pricing and extra section to replicate your traditional estimating process in seconds. You’ll never have to train an estimator again.

7. Only show customers the time slots that can accommodate a service of that duration and travel time.

Additionally, because our booking pages are entirely customizable, you can add specific questions about how cleaning teams would be able to access the premises.

This paired with our automatic confirmations and reminders feature will significantly decrease the instances of no-shows or issues of being unable to complete the service because the customer is not around.

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