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What happens when a web booking comes in?
What happens when a web booking comes in?
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When a web booking is received, and you have connected your Stripe account in the App Market, PodiumIO will create a pre-authorized charge in Stripe for you. The customer’s credit card information is securely transferred to Stripe, without any PodiumIO involvement.

Along with the charge, a new Stripe customer record will be created, allowing you to create any subsequent charges if required.

Stripe payment processing is the most secure form of handling credit card information and complies with PCI DSS security standard (see Stripe Security for more information).

To learn more about how to set your web bookings to Pre-Authorized or ChargeNow check out this article: Stripe Payment Options: Pre-Authorized or ChargeNow web-booking settings

For more information on configuring your Booking Pages, check out the article: Booking Page Settings: Learn how to configure your Booking page

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