Booking Bundles Overview

Increase your revenue per customer with pre-paid bundles

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Sell multiple services and have your customer pay for them at the time of purchase, add bundles option to your Live-Pricing and Real-Time Booking Pages.

Booking Bundles

Once your customer has booked their first service and it has been scheduled, they will receive a Booking Bundle code by email. You can find the bundle code under CRM > Booking Bundles

If your customer has questions, you can direct them to How does my customer redeem a bundle?

Some notes on booking bundles:

  • Booking bundles do not have expiry dates.

  • All options remain the same for redeemed bookings, but extras are considered one-offs and are not added to future booking bundle redemptions.

  • Booking bundles are non-transferable. They apply to one customer at one location. These can, however, be edited from the ops console by you, the operator.

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