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General Options - Know About Settings for your Booking Pages
General Options - Know About Settings for your Booking Pages

Set Booking Interval, Minimum time (gap) between bookings, Enable Booking Page to capture Hot leads, Set team size & layout settings

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PodiumIO Booking pages are completely customizable. Each booking page can have its own set of rules.

Under General Options, you will find options to set booking time intervals, Minimum time between bookings, Team Size for a booking page, Hot Lead Settings, Send Web Booking Confirmation Email to Customer, Manage booking page padding.

Let's look at them one by one -

1. Booking Interval Settings - The customer will be presented with easy selectable times on the hour (e.g. 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, etc)

When accepting bookings, you can also maintain a gap between each booking for travel or buffer. Use this setting "Minimum time between bookings" under the booking page > settings > general options to make sure you have enough time to get to your next appointment location.

2. Team Settings - When accepting bookings, PodiumIO will determine availabilities based on the times provided during booking page editing. If you typically dispatch more than one person on a booking, modify this setting to ensure the total amount of time required and available times reflect your business practices.

If you typically send 2 people for a booking that will take 8 hours effort for one person, PodiumIO will automatically adjust availabilities to indicate you are booked for 4 hours.

3. Enable Hot Lead support - Capture Hot leads for a Booking page by enabling this option.

Know more about Hot Leads

4. Layout Settings: Our booking pages come with built-in padding on the left and right side. If you are embedding our booking page on a website page that already includes padding, then you can remove the padding on our booking pages to avoid double padding.


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