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What information do I get for my competitors in the Review platform?
What information do I get for my competitors in the Review platform?

Compare Rating over Time, Top Topics (keywords), Ratings compared to your competitors, and Compare satisfaction (per category)

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The Reviews platform allows you to select up to three competitors. In practice, this means that you will receive real-time data on the positive and negative reviews and trends of your competitors.

Benchmark your competitor's results against your own performance. Compare all scores, rankings, reviews, and sentiments from their customers to your own standards for service, pricing, staff, etc

Easily evaluate your performance to see where you underachieve or outperform. Take actions that help improve your overall quality of service and get you ahead of the game.

How to use competitor data?

Once you have selected your competitors (More about that here: How to choose your competitors), you will view the below insights that just may give you that competitive edge -

  • Compare Rating over Time

  • Top Topics (keywords)

  • Ratings compared to your competitors

  • Compare satisfaction (per category)

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