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How can I make a booking for multiple days in a week?
How can I make a booking for multiple days in a week?

You will learn how to set up this feature & schedule a booking for multiple days in a week

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The purpose of this article is to help you understand:

  • What is the Multiple-Days-of-Week option

  • How to use this option

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What is the Multiple-Days-of-the-Week frequency option?

The Multiple-Days-of-the-Week feature will help you save a ton of your time by making the processing of call-in bookings, for customers requiring a service performed on multiple days of the week faster and simpler. It can also be applied to recurring frequencies (weekly, every two weeks, every 4 weeks). The most common application of this feature is for creating bookings for commercial customers or customers requiring services on multiple days of a week.

This feature schedules a custom booking for any combination of number of days of the week.

For example, If you have to make a booking for 3 days in the week — say, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday— you can now do schedule it with just one booking.

While creating a booking for your customer, you can now select from options like:

  • Every Week Multi-Days

  • Every 2 Weeks Multi-Days

  • Every 3 Weeks Multi-Days

  • Every 4 Weeks Multi-Days

How to use this feature

NOTE: This feature is only available when creating a booking using PodiumIO’s “call-in” booking or when editing an existing booking. This feature is NOT available when creating customizable Live Pricing & Real Time booking pages for selling online.

  • To create a booking for Multiple Days of the Week, click on "Create Booking."

  • You can either choose to create a booking from an existing booking page or start from scratch.

Scenario 1. If you select to create it from a booking page, you need to enable the Days-of-the-week frequency option inside that booking page's frequency section. (Check how to enable this feature on booking pages.)

Scenario 2. If you select to create a custom booking, there is no need to enable this feature anywhere. The Mulitple-Days-of-the-Week frequency option will be available by default.

  • On Step 6 Date & Time, select the frequency and days for which you would like to create a booking.

  • Once you select any option with Multi-Days, there will be another option to select the days of the week for which you would like to schedule this booking.

You can choose any day of the week.

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