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What is an Interactive Quote (IQ)? Benefits of using IQ.
What is an Interactive Quote (IQ)? Benefits of using IQ.
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We understand that there are service categories where it is difficult to enable Instant Purchase and frankly static forms like Contact us etc. are too boring, too time consuming and have poor fill rate!

Solution? Interactive Quotes(IQ)

IQ is a powerful feature which enables you to engage and convert customers for all those services which cannot be sold instantly via our E-commerce like functionality through the Live Pricing and Real Time Booking Pages.

You can now create and send customer-friendly Interactive Quotes in minutes, price your services perfectly, and automate your IQ follow-ups to win more sales!.

What's interactive about IQ?

IQs allow your customers to share detailed job requirements in a fun manner, share notes, images, and attachments and even accept or decline the quote from the estimate itself!

Interactive Quoting Software therefore allows you (Admin) to work faster, close more sales, and increase your average booking price!

Your Interactive Quote will clearly display the details & cost of the service along with the frequency, notes(if any), attachment(s) and expiration date.

You’ll be notified via email whenever a customer accepts (or declines) a quote, so you can convert it into a booking & dispatch it!

Benefits of using "Interactive Quotes" (IQ) -

  • Skip the wait time and enhance customer experience - Create a quote instantly without having to ask and fill boring forms. Save it and send it later or send instantly via Email and/or SMS.

  • Increase your average revenue per customer - Add multiple frequency and add-ons directly in the IQ. Your customers can select desired service frequency and book.

  • Engage and sell more by easily sending IQ by email or text.

  • Be informed instantly - Receive instant email notification when a customer declines the quote with a reason, easily modify or edit an IQ with a click and send again.

  • Add urgency and sell more - Set an expiration date and enable automatic reminders to create an urgency and sell more.

  • Keep track of Invoices - Filter by status and be informed of a quote status like draft, sent, declined or accepted.

  • Automate reminders and free up more time - MioCommerce automatically sends a follow-up with your preferred settings to customers you haven’t heard back from, so you can be sure you’re never leaving work on the table.

  • Customer accepted IQ’s automatically convert into bookings - If an interactive Quote have been accepted, the quote automatically turns into a booking, saving you a lot of time!!

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