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How to create an Interactive Quote (IQ)?
How to create an Interactive Quote (IQ)?

Create a interactive quote/estimate quickly and easily, right from your computer

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Creating interactive quotes allows your customers to get an accurate estimate of what a service will cost and ensures that you and the customer are on the same page.

Note: Once your customer have accepted the quote, a booking will automatically be created.

Fill in the information in any sequence you want and create & send Interactive Quote with personalized pricing instantly!

Section 1. Navigate to "Create Interactive Quote"

There are multiple ways to create an interactive quote for your client.

  • Dashboard > Select "Create Interactive Quote" from a Quick Action button.

  • Select Interactive Quote from the main left navigation and then click on the icon "Create Interactive Quote"

  • Navigate to Customers > Select "Create Interactive Quote" from a Quick Action button on the right.

Section 2. Select the customer to issue the Interactive Quote (IQ).

You have an option to create an Interactive Quote (IQ) for a new customer or select from an existing customer.

With Interactive Quote, you can create a quick professional quote for a call-in customer in minutes. All you need is their email and the details of the service your customer need.

For a new customer, as stated above ONLY email is mandatory to add, so they can receive the quote via email. All other fields are optional and can be added later.

For an existing customer, all the details like first name, last name, email, phone no. and service location will be automatically added (if they already exists in the system)

Section 3. Select the service location (Optional)

For a new customer, to create and send them a quote, feel free to SKIP to add a location at this point. Location can be added later - You will have an option to edit the quote at any point or when you convert this Quote into a booking.

For an existing customer, service location will be automatically added (if they already exists in the system) or if it's a new location feel free to add it.

Section 4. Create an Interactive quote from an existing Interactive Page or create a custom quote from scratch

To make your experience quick and seamless for creating an Interactive Quote, you have two options -

a) Use an existing Interactive Page (formerly Booking page) - This will display all the questions, extras and any custom options on this Interactive Page. This will help you create a IQ quickly just by selecting the right service and extras, as all the prices you would have already to the booking page.


b) Create a Custom Interactive Quote from scratch - You will have all the options to add any service, extras and discounts.


Select the Interactive Page or Type of service you are about to create the quote for. Like Home cleaning, Commercial cleaning, Car wash, Mobile Detailing, Pet Services etc.

For Example, If you select "Use Existing Interactive Page" > Select "Home Cleaning". Then all the questions and price that you added while create a Home cleaning Interactive Page will display.

Now, simply select answers to the pricing questions, add extras, add any other custom option you want and done!!

Section 5. Add/Edit the line items which you will add in your quote

Use the line items section to prepare your quote. This is where you will add all the goods and services that you want to charge the customer for and which you want them to see as part of the final quote.

Section 6. Add/Edit any Frequency of the Service

Sell more with frequency options.

In case you selected "Use an existing Booking Page", all the frequency added on that booking page will display here. Plus you will have an option to add more frequency.

Once you send this Interactive Quote, your customer will receive it via email and/or text, all the frequency will appear with Buy option, they can click on the buy option and select any one of frequency.

Section 6. Other optional settings

Add any Notes or attachment if needed

Add the taxes, if they apply. If you would like to create a new tax rate - you can create one under tax settings.

You can set an expiration date the quote. If the customer clicks the link to buy after the expiration date, they will see a message letting them know the quote has expired.

You can either use existing Quote settings - To check/edit your quote settings CLICK HERE

Or, select a custom expiration Date or choose to have no expiration Date.

Finally, you have an option to add Terms & Conditions. These terms and conditions will appear on interactive quote. The maximum length is 2048 characters.

You are now all set to send the Interactive Quote. Next,

  • You can preview it before sending,

  • Save it to send later, OR

  • Save and send the quote instantly

Once you click on Save and send Interactive Quote, a pop-up will appear to confirm to send by email and/or SMS

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