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How to create an Interactive Quote(IQ) Page?
How to create an Interactive Quote(IQ) Page?

Learn how to create, edit, clone and convert an IQ Page in a matter of minutes!

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Imagine a world where your potential customers can, in-a-click, provide detailed job information, images and specifications, directly on your website! With MioCommerce’s customizable embedded Interactive Quote(IQ) pages, this is not just possible; It’s simple!

Interactive Quote(IQ) Pages build on the functionality of our IQ feature (What is an IQ?) and allow you the power to engage and convert all those customers who are looking for services which are difficult to estimate through an E-commerce cart like functionality provided by our Live Pricing & Real Time Booking Page.

IQ Pages are super flexible and powerful and can be embedded in your website to collect job related information and requirements from your customers in a single click, thus avoiding multiple back and forth loops!

Creating an IQ page is super simple. You can either create one from our standard templates, or you can convert/copy one of your previous Live Pricing & Real Time Booking Page.

To create an IQ page from a template -

Step 1: From your Dashboard, head down to the Website section in the left vertical navigation bar.

Website>Booking & IQ Pages>Create an Interactive Quoting Page

Step 2: Choose a template

Choose from one of our many amazing service category templates!

Step 3: Fill out General Settings

What is a job? - If you are building out this page for a service category which usually spans over multiple days, i.e it cannot be completed in one day/single visit you should mark this as "Yes". When you select "Yes" here, we automatically disable real time availabilities so that you do not get booked at odd hours. Learn more about it here.

Step 4: Interactive Quoting Process

A typical Interactive Quoting process has 3 steps to it: Details from the customer, Your Quote to them and finally the actual purchase!

When building out an IQ page you can edit the templates and sections for all three steps right upfront!

Navigate all 3 steps from the right vertical menu as shown in the screenshot in Section 4.a.

Step 4.a: Edit the Customer facing questions

This section allows you to add, delete and customize all those questions which you want your customers to answer. Ideally, you want to put all those questions here which will enable you to submit a quote for the job without having to do back-and-forth with the customer.


A) Understand the Space/Scope:

B) Understand any Extras and Add-ons required:

C) Attachments: Allow the customers to put in attachments like photos, documents etc.

Permissible file formats include: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, .txt, .doc, .docx, .xls and .xlsx.

You can Add, Edit and Delete sections as per your need. If you delete a mandatory section a warning will appear on the right side under "Page Building Status".

Step 4.b: Edit the Interactive Quote (Optional) (Visible only to you)

This section (hidden from customer view) allows you to add all those line items which you will eventually use in your estimate/Interactive Quote to the customer! You can always go back and edit this section but it allows you to have some placeholders ready to save you the hassle at the time of actual quoting.

Step 4.c: Edit the Customer Purchase Page

The last stage of a successful quoting process is purchase and we are sure you want to get that right!

You can edit this section to allow your customers to choose:

  • Service date (if you did not select job as "Yes" in the general settings section).

  • Payment method.

  • Frequency of the service (And offer discounts for different frequencies).

  • Notification preferences. You can also set a default setting (editable by your customer) for how your customers will be notified about their request and your Interactive Quote.

Step 5: Save, Publish and Install!

You are all set now! Save your progress; preview if needed and publish! When you feel ready to engage and convert all those new customers click on Install and use the sharing links or the code to embed the IQ page in your website!

P.S You can view all your Interactive Quote and Live Pricing Real Time Booking Pages under "Booking & IQ Pages" in the Website section (on the left hand navigation bar in your dashboard).

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