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Cancel/Reschedule a Booking
How do I schedule an unscheduled web booking?
How do I schedule an unscheduled web booking?

Bookings > Unschedule Bookings > Action Panel "Schedule" > Choose time & date > Submit

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Step 1. From the ops console, go to Bookings. Filter by unscheduled above the list. These will be all your unscheduled bookings.

Schedule unscheduled booking

Step 2. Click on the booking that you’d like to schedule and you will be taken to the Booking Profile.

Step 3. In the right-hand Actions Panel, you will see a “Schedule” button.

Schedule unscheduled booking from action panel

Step 4. After you click the “Schedule” button, a popup will appear. Choose the time you’d like to schedule this booking for.

Choose a date & time schedule a booking in your calendar

Step 5. Choose "Yes" if you would like to send a confirmation to your customer and click ok.

Enable/Disable booking notification to be sent to your customer

The booking will now be scheduled and will appear in your Calendar.

Booking Scheduled in your calendar

What's next? 👉

▪ You can reschedule a booking from one date/time to another

▪ Or, check this if you want to assign a new service provider to an existing booking that is already assigned to another service provider

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