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Can I charge multiple bookings at once?
Can I charge multiple bookings at once?

Yes, with Batch-Booking Payments, multiple outstanding bookings for a customer can be charged at once

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Batch-Booking Payments are here! (Included with Grow Subscription)

Batch multiple customer bookings into one single payment transaction. For each customer, simply select the bookings you want to batch into one payment transaction and charge your customer with one click.

To charge multiple bookings at once, simply go to the customer profile, click "Charge customer", Select the booking(s) you would like to charge.

How does this benefit you?

1. Save time by charging multiple bookings at once, and

2. Reduce your Stripe transaction fees. By batching all your bookings into 1 transaction, Stripes 30 cent fee is only charged once.

This article covers

  1. From where can I charge the customer for multiple bookings

You can charge a customer for multiple bookings at once from -

a. Go to the Customer profile. Under actions click on Charge Customer. A pop-up window will open where multiple bookings for this customer can be selected and charged.

b. Under the main left menu > Go to "Payments" > Customers. Click on Charge customer.

2. How can I charge the customers for multiple bookings?

Step 1. Under the customer profile, once you have clicked "Charge Customer", a pop-up will appear (like the below image).

a. You can either choose to charge the customer through Stripe or

b. If you have charged the customer outside of PodiumIO (For example, took cash for the service), you can mark the booking as charged to have accurate reports.

All the bookings of the selected customer which have an outstanding balance will appear.

Step 2. You can select all or any number of bookings to charge the customer

Step 3. If you have selected "Record the collected payment", please select the method for accurate reporting.

Step 4. Click on the green button to Charge the customer or record the collection

3. Where can I view all the bookings that have been charged?

To view all the bookings that have been charged in a go, follow the below steps

Step 1. Under the main menu, click on "Customers" > Go to "Payment Transactions". Click on the arrow pointed in the below image.

Step 2. By clicking the above arrow, you will land on the "Customer Payment Transactions" page. Click on the arrow again, you can view all the charged bookings under that one amount.

You will notice that in the above example we charged $400 for the 2 selected bookings.

4. What happens if I want to partially charge for the booking?

Once you have selected multiple bookings to charge at once. The total amount will appear, which is editable. If you which to charge less, simply edit the amount. In our example, the total for the 2 bookings selected was $452.56, however, we choose to record $400.

In such a case, the last booking will show the status as "Partially Charged" with an outstanding balance. In our example, it will show partially charged with an outstanding balance of $52.56.

This amount can be again charged by following the instructions in Points 1 and 2 above.

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