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Employee Access Rights (Administration Permissions) in PodiumIO
Employee Access Rights (Administration Permissions) in PodiumIO

Learn how to control your employees access to various features within PodiumIO, to assist you to manage your business effectively.

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Within your business, you may have employees within various levels of management, which you may wish to either permit full access to administrative settings within the platform, or, restrict access to administrative settings within the platform.

This article will assist you to learn how to manage these settings for all of your employees with administrative privileges. You may select which employees you prefer to have administrative access, or not. Admins can control and oversee various elements of your business, and may even manage your other employees, or Service Providers.

Check out this short video explaining how to manage your Administration Permissions:

VIDEO: How to manage your Administration Permissions for your Employees

Or, follow along in these step-by-step instructions.

STEP 1: To adjust the Access Settings for any of your Admins, go into Settings > Employees.

Once inside, you will see a list of all of your Employees. Within the list is a table, showing which of your employees are already added as Admins.

See below as a reference:

STEP 2: Select your Employee. Go to the Right-hand Menu, and you will see a selection named Employee Permissions. Click there.

See below as a reference:

STEP 3: Select your desired employee Administration Permissions. You will now see a menu in which you are able to toggle on or off the access rights you wish your employee to have.

*IMPORTANT: By default, all employees are set to have full Admin permissions. If you wish to restrict any access rights or permissions, you must toggle the Permission settings either individually, or all at once, to "No" and click Save.

See below as a reference:

The first setting you will see at the top, 'Allowed to change Administrative Permissions" is the setting which allows or denies this employee to adjust other employee's access rights settings. If you do not wish this employee to have the ability to adjust other employee's access rights and permissions, toggle this selection to "No" and Save.

You may manage all of the other Administration permissions at once by toggling the master control at the very top of the menu:

STEP 4: Remember to Save your changes, and apply these for each new employee you create! All permission changes will be effect the next time your administrator sign's or refreshes their web browser.

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