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Live Pricing & Real Time Booking Page Installation: Shopify
Live Pricing & Real Time Booking Page Installation: Shopify
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TIP: Make sure to copy the embed code for your booking page from inside your platform before beginning. SEE: Where to find and copy the Booking Page Embed code inside your Platform

STEP 1: Log into your Shopify Account: LINK

STEP 2: In the lefthand side menu, navigate to Online Store > Themes

STEP 3: Select Customize

STEP 4: Go up to the top of your page on the left hand side, look for three dots (...) and click there > Select Edit Code

STEP 5: Select the section / page you wish the Booking page to appear within, and open.

STEP 6: Paste the embed code into the end of the page's HTML script, before the </html> marker.

See screenshot below as a reference:

STEP 7: Remember to click Save in the top right hand side of your window:

COMPLETE: Your Live Pricing and Real Time Booking page is now installed on your Shopify website. Repeat this process to add other booking pages to other web site pages as needed.

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