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How do I set up my pricing strategy?
How do I set up my pricing strategy?
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By default, PodiumIO’s templates come preset with what we believe are your industry’s best practices for pricing.

On the Booking Page, the sections that have an impact on pricing are: Frequency, Options, Image Options, and Extras. From the Booking Page Editor, you are able to modify the pricing of each of these sections.


By clicking on the “Modify Section” button in the Toolbar, you will be able to modify this section’s pricing. Note that frequency only allows you to apply cost discounts to your service.

Frequency section of Booking pages for pricing strategy

You can choose a percentage discount by selecting the % icon in the “Cost Discount” column, or a fixed amount by selecting the $ icon in the same column.

Frequency section of Booking pages for pricing strategy


Pricing for the Options Section is set for each individual option. Options can have set costs and can also include discounts. The multiplier option is special, as it will multiply the value set in the second column by the cost of the first column. We recommend playing with the options, checking out our Demo pages, and finding the ones that work best for you.

Image Options

There are two image options: the Custom, where there is a set cost for each answer and the Numeric, where costs are multiplied by the selected number.


Extras can either be numeric, like the image options, or they can be Yes/No, where “Yes” has a cost and “No” does not.

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