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How do I set up Stripe with my booking page?
How do I set up Stripe with my booking page?

Set up stripe | Accept your payments with stripe | Pre-Authorize stripe payments

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In order to accept payments through your booking pages with Stripe, you must add a Stripe Payment Section to your booking pages.

Choose the Stripe Payment Section in your Booking Page:

This will enable your customers to add credit card or debit card information at checkout:

Payment section of the booking page

Make sure you have connected to Stripe in your account. For more infornation, see this article: How do I set up Stripe.

Once you have added the Stripe Payment Section in your booking pages, and connected your account to Stripe, you're ready to start charging your clients through your web bookings!

If you would like to further adjust your payment settings for web bookings, you can also set up Pre-authorized or ChargeNow payments.

To adjust your Stripe Payment Options, including setting up Pre-Authorized or ChargeNow payments for web bookings, go into Booking Pages > Select a Booking Page > Select Settings on the left hand menu > Select Stripe Payment Options.

Check out this article: Stripe Payment Options: Pre-Authorized or ChargeNow web-booking settings to find out more about Pre-Authorized or ChargeNow payment settings, found in your Stripe Payment Options!

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