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How to request feedback from my customer?
How to request feedback from my customer?

Request a feedback from your customers

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Request feedback feature is for the purpose of asking each customer for feedback about the service performed for that specific booking.

So if the customer responds it is NOT posted to your website. It is only posted inside the PodiumIO dashboard in the booking profile and the Customer profile.

Here's how to request feedback from your customers -

Option 1: Under "Bookings" section in the PodiumIO backend.

Select the booking for which you would like to request feedback from your customer.

Request a rating from customer under bookings

On the right side of your screen, there is an option under "Actions" to "Request Feedback". Your request will be sent instantly to the registered email of your customer.

Note: You can request feedback anytime after the booking has been created. It is not dependent on the booking status, such as call-in, unscheduled, scheduled, dispatched or complete. For example - Even if the booking is not marked as complete, you can request feedback.

Option 2: Request feedback when you mark a booking as "Complete"

After you or your service provider have completed the job. You will have an option to mark that booking as "complete" [Under Bookings > Right Menu Options "Actions"]

Request a rating from customer when marking the booking as complete

You will be prompted with a window, requesting you to mark a booking as complete & if you would like to include feedback. You can choose "Yes" or "No" based on your preference.

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