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How to enable tips($) for your service providers.
How to enable tips($) for your service providers.

Add a question for tips on your booking page or email your customers first to get their consent and then add tip to the final charges

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We are currently working on a new version feature to permit your customers to leave a tip before or after a service has been completed.

In the interim here are 2 options on how you can do it now.

Option 1: Add a TIP question in your booking page.

When creating or modifying your services 'Live Pricing and Real-Time booking page' (a.k.a Booking page), simply add a question in the main pricing section of your booking, as in the examples below -

Tip Question

eg 1 : Would you like to leave a tip for the service crew?
eg 2 : Leave a tip?

Then label the answers that best fit the service type, eg 5%, 10%, 15% and/or $5, $10, 'No Thanks'

The customer then can select the amounts. Once the service is completed (or anytime you feel is appropriate), simply charge the client and the tip will be included in the booking charge.

Option 2: Email your customer and add a tip to the final charge

An alternative approach is to simply email your client and ask them if they would like to leave a tip for your service providers.

If the client replies 'yes' and indicates the tip amount, add it to the final charge or create a separate charge.

Our recommendation: We recommend you consider first asking the client for a Rating. If the rating is positive, you can then ask them if they would also like to leave a tip. In a situation where they do not answer your rating request, you can still send the "request a tip email", however, if your client does reply with an average or poor rating ( 3 stars or less), we recommend you do not ask for a tip. Rather follow up to see why they gave you an average or poor rating. Show them you care.

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