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Feature Releases by PodiumIO (Year 2022)
Feature Releases by PodiumIO (Year 2022)
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New Feature Releases August 2022

  1. Our 'E-Comm Biz Expert' Service Plan is NOW available as an Add-on to your PodiumIO Subscription! Learn More

  2. NEW: Administrator Permissions: Mange your employee's access rights to make them an Administrator of your account. Learn More

  3. NEW: Mask your Deleted Customer Data. Learn More

  4. UPDATE: Availabilities and Dispatching Settings are now moved to one convenient location. Learn More

New Feature Releases June 2022

  1. NEW: Introducing: your App Market!

  2. NEW: Customize your Live Pricing & Real Time Booking Page
    by adjusting how you'd like your Booking Summary to appear!

  3. NEW: Booking Notes! Add Notes to single or recurring Bookings, and control who has the ability to see them: Service Providers, Admins, OR Customers! Learn More

  4. NEW: Service Provider Photos! Personalize your Service Providers profiles in-app by adding Photos. Learn More

  5. NEW: Easily Mange your customer's Payment Methods using Stripe. Set a "Primary" payment method, or just choose which payment method you'd prefer to charge in a NEW drop down menu. Learn More

New Feature Releases March 2022

  1. Save time and reduce your Stripe transaction fees by using our new Batch-Booking Payments feature. Batch multiple customer bookings into one single payment transaction. For each customer, simply select the bookings you want to batch into one payment transaction and charge your customer with one click. Easy, fast and slick!. Learn more

  2. Take more control over your payments. A booking can now be again preauthorized if the previous pre-authorization was released. Learn more

  3. Add a company name in the customer profile

New Feature Releases February 2022

  1. Mobile App now sends location information when your team clicks - on the way, running late, checked in/checked out.

  2. Secondary Customer Email - A secondary email address can be added to the customer profile for receiving a copy of the email communications

  3. Billing Email & Address - Add a billing email to send an invoice (Separate from a customer email). Also, a different Billing Address can be added than the service address.

  4. The Tax Code on a booking can be changed after the creation of a booking.

  5. Download all your Hot Leads in CSV. format

  6. Report Enhanced - Detailed Sales report (by scheduled date) now also include the frequency (one-time or every 2 weeks etc.)

  7. Sort Service Providers - Easily arrange Service Providers in any order you wish. The selected arrangement is also reflected in the Dispatcher view.

  8. Operator Only Notes!!! Add notes that are visible only to your Service Providers and not your customers. These notes will be visible to your Service Provider in their Mobile App.

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  1. Know the location of your Service Provider


View the location of your employees (a.k.a Service Providers) when they click on the way, running late, checked in/checked out from their PodiumIO Mobile App. You can view their location in the Time Tracking entries. The location gets displayed in a map view. Learn more

2. Add secondary email for your customer communications


You can add an additional customer email (Under edit customer profile). This will send the email notifications like booking reminders, booking rescheduled, Service provider on the way, running late, checked in-checked out to both the emails. Add a secondary email now to a customer

3. Add a billing email address for sending invoices to your customers


Want to send invoices to a separate email other than your customer email? Now add a billing email. You can also select to only send invoices to the billing email address. Also, a separate billing address can be added other than the service area address. To add a billing address, select the customer and click on edit. Learn more

4. Easily Modify Taxes for the Booking


A tax rate is applied to the bookings based on the selected tax rate on your booking page or the one that you choose while creating a call-in booking. With recent enhancement to the tax feature, you can now choose a different tax rate even after the booking is created. Learn more

5. Add notes visible ONLY to your operators


Add notes that are visible to your Service Providers only. These notes will not be visible to your customers. These notes can be added under a booking profile. Your Service Provider can view these notes in their Mobile App in the booking notes section. To view the complete notes, please scroll horizontally.

Get your team members to update PodiumIO mobile app to the latest version 6.3.0003 > Steps to update the app

6. Sort How Your Service Providers appear in Dispatching


You can now sort how your Service Providers appear in Dispatching. In the service provider view, use the up and down arrows to change the sequence in which they will appear both here and in Dispatcher. Your Service Provider will now be sorted as per your preference under the Service Providers List as well as in Dispatcher. Arrange your Service Provider

Easily manage your service provider and save a ton of time with other features included in Grow subscription >> Upgrade to Grow

7. Export Hot Leads in csv. format


Sell more by connecting with Hot Leads at the right time. If those hot leads still haven't got converted to a booking, you can now export the hot leads and send them engagement emails from the platform of your choice. If you haven't yet turned "ON" your hot leads, do it now and start receiving notifications when someone starts to fill in the information on the booking page. Learn how to start receiving hot leads

Want to learn new features Book a live tutorial now!

8. Detailed Sales Report now displays the frequency


Check out the report now > Go to Reports

Other recently released new features! If you missed them check them out below

  • Quickbooks Online (QBO) Integration Learn more

  • Multiple service booking pages (Generate more revenue per customer) Learn more

  • Enhanced Customer Portal with rescheduling & cancel functionality

  • Search option for customers with multiple locations when creating a call-in booking.

  • The Multiple-Days-of-the-Week feature (Grow Feature) Learn more

  • Add Multiple locations (Addresses) Per Customer

  • Invoicing & Payment Status (Grow Feature) Learn more

  • Assign the same Service Provider(s) to a customers' recurring booking. > Learn more

  • Customer Portal Learn more

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