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Once a booking is scheduled, it will appear on the Calendar page. The Calendar you see on this page is populated with booking events.

On a booking event, you can see the customer’s name, the time of the booking, the customer’s address, the booking number, and whether or not the booking is part of a recurrence, which means the booking repeats on a set schedule (What is a recurring booking). By clicking on a booking event, you can see more details about the booking in a popover.

Smart Calendar by PodiumIO

You can drag and drop the booking event to reschedule the booking and notify the customer of these changes. You can also drag the bottom of the calendar event to increase its duration (How can I reschedule a booking).

On the calendar, you will also see your operating hours and company non-working hours (What are operating hours, non-working hours, and work hours)

From the top bar of the calendar page, you can:

Smart Calendar by PodiumIO

By clicking on the calendar in an unfilled location, you will be asked if you want to create an internal booking or a non-working hour. You can click and drag to increase the size of the highlighted area.

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