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How to generate & send an invoice?
How to generate & send an invoice?

Create an invoice from the PodiumIO Dashboard

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Invoices provide an itemized list of services rendered. It includes the booking details, billing information, note, terms & conditions, cost, and taxes. (sample invoice below)

Step by step instructions

1 Navigate to the booking for which you would like to generate an invoice. Under Actions > Click on Generate an invoice

2. All the details like Booking number, service details, billing address, date, amount, taxes will be auto-populated based on the details in the booking.

3. You can add additional email ids to send the invoice to multiple people.

4. Add a personal note like,

  • Thank you for your business

  • It was a pleasure serving you! We hope you will keep us in mind for the future.

  • Thank you! We are honored to have loyal customers like you.

5. Company-wide terms & conditions will be automatically added. To learn how to edit it > Click Here

6. Once you have added any additional email ids and a note, you can preview the Invoice before you click "send the invoice".

7. If you want to send it later, you can save it as a draft. This saved invoice can be sent by navigating to the payments > invoices > Select the invoice to be sent > Click "Send invoice"

To view all invoices navigate to payments on the left menu bar > Invoices

Sample Invoice

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