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How to add Chat Box (Free) to my website?
How to add Chat Box (Free) to my website?

Chat Box can be added to any website and/or Blog

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Add a free and easy way to communicate with your website visitors and customers through chat. Your potential customers have questions before they buy. Be where they are, when they need you, so they have the confidence to choose you over the competition. Every time.

To add a FREE version of the Chat Box, please follow the below steps -

  1. Turn Chat Box to "YES" inside the Customer Floating Dock page

1. Make sure it's turned to "YES" inside the Customer Floating Dock page to make it appear on your website

Step 1.1 On the main menu, please navigate to App Market > Customer Floating Dock

Step 1.2 Click "Yes" to the widgets you would like to add to your website. In this case, click "Yes" in front of Chat Box.

You can also add Click-to-call , Customer Login and Basic version of Chat Box FREE of cost.

Same script, that is being added for website chat, works for all other widgets. You do not need to add separate script for each widget, you can simply turn is ON/OFF to display it on your website.

To add Live Pricing Buy Button and Live Reviews on Homepage, once you click "Yes" a pop-up will appear, requesting you to purchase the widget. After purchasing, MioCommerce Support team will contact you to help with the activation.

Awesome! We have just activated the Chat Box. All we need to do is now Install it on the website.

2. Install the Chat Box on your website

To add Chat Box, there is a one single script that you need to add to your website.

Please follow the below steps to Install it on your website

2A. Copy the script from Customer Floating Dock page

2A.1 On the main menu, please navigate to App Market> Customer Floating Dock. After you have activated by clicking "Yes" to the Chat Box widgets, simple click on " Install on your website" for the script to appear

2A.2 Copy the script in your preferred language.

2B. Paste it to your website

Step 1) Sign into your WordPress account.

Step 2) In your Wordpress left hand side menu, select Plugins and Add New

Step 3) In the search bar at the top, type in "Insert headers and footers"

Step 4) Make sure to click "Activate" within the plugin once installed, and refresh your browser to make sure the plugin has been added to your Wordpress account.

Step 5) In your Wordpress left hand side menu, go into Settings > Insert Headers and Footers

Step 6) Place the embed code into the Footer section, and click Save.

The Website Chat has now been added to all of your website pages!

Note: If you would like to display other free engagement widgets in "Customer Floating Dock" like Click-To- Call, Customer Login, Live Pricing Buy Button and Live Reviews, this same script will work. All you need to do is turn "Yes" to the widget you need on the Customer Floating Dock page.

Learn more about Customer Floating dock, free widgets that comes along with it and how to add it to your website!

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