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Real-Time Booking Pages Overview
Real-Time Booking Pages Overview

Edit, Preview, Publish, Install Booking Pages, Settings, General options, Real-Time Availabilities, Dispatching and more...

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PodiumIO’s Real-Time Pricing & Booking Pages help you save time with customizable sections, and dynamic pricing/availabilities. Once you’ve finished setting up your booking page, you can start selling immediately by adding it to your website with hosted links, by embedding it in an iframe, or by simply having it on your landing page and sharing that link.

All your booking pages can be managed in Service Pages / Booking Pages. If you want to create a new booking page, see How do I make a new booking page? or if you want to copy an existing one, see How do I copy an existing booking page?

Create Live Pricing & Real-time Booking pages to increase online sales

After selecting a booking page, you will be taken directly to the Booking Page manager. Notice that the left-hand sidebar has changed as well, the new sections are:

  • Edit

  • Preview

  • Publish

  • Install

  • Settings

  • Quote

Options to edit  Live Pricing & Real-time Booking pages


In the editor, you will be able to modify how your booking page will appear to your customers. Every booking page must include at a minimum: a booking page name, a service title, and a personal information section for your customers to fill out. Other sections including the location and date selection, are recommended but not required. The options, extras, and frequency sections are where most of your dynamic pricing will be set, so we recommend them as well.

You will notice a gears icon to the top-right of every section on the booking page. This is section toolbar. To open the toolbar, click or hover over the icon. A number of buttons will appear, from left-to-right:

  • Positioning arrows – Use these to modify the placement of this section.

  • Add section – Use this to add a new section directly below this section.

  • Delete section – Use this to remove this section from a booking page.

  • Modify section – Use this to modify the default text and other section-specific display features of this section. If pricing can be set for this section, this is where it will be set.

For more on editing your booking page, including detailed descriptions of each booking page section, please see How do I edit my booking page?

To see more on how to set up your pricing strategy, please see How do I set-up my pricing strategy? and How to Configure my Booking Page: Booking Summary


On the preview page, you’ll be able to see how the booking page will be shown to your customers. If you fill out this page, it will NOT create an actual booking in the system, however, a previewed booking confirmation will go out to the email address entered.

Preview your Live Pricing & Real-time Booking pages to increase online sales


Publishing a booking page will make it visible on your landing page (to learn what a landing page is, please see Is there somewhere my customer can see a list of all my booking pages?) and also allow you to install it on your website or share links on social media.

Before publishing, you’ll have to make sure there are no problems detected with the booking page. The system will alert you if there are any issues with your booking page on this page.


After publishing your booking page, you will be able to link to it or install it on your web site, social media, etc. Select one of the following options:

Install Live Pricing & Real-time Booking pages to increase online sales
  • Links for your website – You can use the URL from this page to link your booking page on a web page. It is recommend to use this as a hyperlink, or integrate it with a button.

  • Links for social media – You can use the URL provided on this page to integrate with your social media, such as a “book now” button on your Facebook business page.

  • Links for your book now button – You can paste the code from this page onto your website in in order to have a book now button display that will lead customers to your booking page.

  • Embed on your website (most common): You can paste the code from this page onto your website in in order to have your booking page display directly on your website. This option is recommended, but requires a Start subscription or higher. (How to install my booking page on my website?)


There are some booking page settings that cannot be changed from within the editor, and must be changed from within settings, they include:

General Options

  • Booking Time Intervals (requires a date selection section) – Set how often time availabilities should be spaced: i.e. every 30 minutes (9:00, 9:30, 10:00), every 60 minutes (9:00, 10:00, 11:00), every 4 hours (9am, 1pm, 5pm), etc.

  • Minimum time between bookings (requires a date selection section) – A fixed set of time in minutes added to the end date of a booking, which determines when the start of the next availability beings. E.g.: If there is 1 hour booking scheduled for 10:00, and you have this setting set to 30, the next availability will be for 11:30.

  • Team size – Say the labour of a booking requires 4 hours for one employee. However, you usually send two employees for this booking page. You should set the team size to two, so that the booking will only occupy 2 hours in your calendar, rather than 4.

  • Hot Lead Settings - If you want to receive the notification when a person lands on your booking page, fills in the contact information but due to some reason decides not to book & pay for your service. You can be notified immediately with the filled in the information and connect with them to convert.

  • Confirmation Settings - Choose to enable/disable Web Booking Confirmation Email to Customer

  • Base service price – A fixed cost of the base service you provide for the customer. The cost of this will be added as a line item entitled (Base Service Price) in the right-hand booking details panel.

  • Base service time – A fixed time for the base service you provide for the customer.

  • Minimum service price – The fixed cost that is required at a minimum. It will not show up as a line item, but all bookings will have this cost built-in.

  • Minimum service time – A minimum time for the base service you provide for the customer.

  • Layout Settings - Are you placing your booking page in a Wix page? Does your web page already have padding on the left and right of the booking page?
    By default, our booking pages come with builtin left and right side padding, to make your page look the best on all screens. By removing booking page padding, we will remove extra padding. Choose this if your web page already provides proper layout and padding.

Booking Summary

These settings give you control over what items are displayed to the customer in the right-hand booking details panel.

For more detailed instructions, please see How to Configure Your Booking Page: Booking Summary

Availabilities and Dispatching Settings

This page allows you to choose how date availabilities will be displayed on your booking page. It requires a date component be present on the booking page.

  • Use operating hours for this booking page – If this booking page falls within the normal operating hours you’ve set in your company settings (What are Operating Hours, Non-working Hours and Work Hours?), turn this on. Otherwise, turn it off.

  • Allow bookings to extend past operating hours – Say your operating hours are from 9-5, turning this setting on will allow you to take a booking that starts within the operating hours, but may end after your operating hours, so you could have a booking from 4:30-6:30.

  • Destination Calendar – This is the calendar that the bookings on your booking page will be associated with. Bookings can only be associated with a single calendar, by default it is the Company Calendar.

  • Availabilities Strategy – Here you can choose your real-time availability strategy. No real-time availabilities – Your booking page will not have real-time availabilities, meaning other booking slots won’t be blocked by other bookings, only by non-working times and operating hours. Company calendar – Your bookings will be blocked based on if a booking already exists in your company calendar. Service Providers (requires subscription) – The booking slot will be available as long as there is a service provider (or service providers – based on the booking page’s team size setting) available at that time.

Dispatching (requires subscription)

This is where auto-dispatching is configured for the booking page. Currently, two strategies exist:

  • Manual – You are responsible for assigning service providers to bookings, PodiumIO won’t assign them for you!

  • Automatic – Drag and drop the service providers in order of precedence. If the service provider in slot #1 is available, they will be assigned the booking, otherwise it will go to the next service provider, and so on.


Here you are able to configure when booking reminders are sent out to your customers for this booking page. Each row relates to one booking reminder that will be sent a fixed number of minutes, hours or days before the booking is scheduled to start. See Notifications overview for how to set company-wide reminder settings and how to edit the content of your notifications.

Stripe Payment Options

To help reduce fraud, if you have Stripe connected (in the App Market) and added to your booking page (How do I set up Stripe on my booking page?) this allows any charge to automatically pre-authorize on your customer’s credit card. After the booking is complete, the charge is then processed using Stripe.

You can control these Pre-Authorization and ChargeNow payment options in the Stripe Payment Options section of your Booking Page Settings. (Stripe Payment Options: Pre-Authorized or ChargeNow web-booking settings)

Landing page

On this page, you can modify how the booking page’s panel will display on your landing page, (see Is there somewhere my customer can see a list of all my booking pages?). You can alter the displayed title and its order, the order will be used to determine which booking pages will be shown first.

Service Area Restrictions (requires subscription)

If you don’t want to receive bookings from an area that you do not service, you will be able to specify this area in terms of zip/postal codes in your company settings (How do I restrict my booking page to a specific service area?). You will then be able to turn the restrictions on and configure the error message that customers from outside your service area will receive.


This page contains a minimal view of your booking page. It has only the personal information section and other sections that are relevant to determining pricing. Notably, it doesn’t contain the Date or Location sections. By filling in this form, you will be able to see the price in the right-hand panel and send a quote email confirmation to yourself, which can then be forwarded to your customer, or you can have us send the quote directly to your customer by selecting the checkbox option at the bottom of the page.

For more detailed instructions, please see How can I create a quote for a customer?

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