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What are Operating Hours, Non-working hours, and Service Provider Work Hours?
What are Operating Hours, Non-working hours, and Service Provider Work Hours?

Set operating/non-working and operating hours

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Operating Hours

Operating Hours are the set times that your company operates and do not change. For example, your entire company operates from 9-5. They are set from Settings/Operating Hours. If you would like them to affect real-time availabilities of your booking pages, see How do I set up real-time availabilities for my booking page.

Set your company Operating Hours under settings

Click on Operating hours and edit the start & end time. To off a particular day, click on the blue box on which day is written.

Set your start & end operating time

Non-working Hours

Non-working hours are one-off periods of time where your company does not operate, Christmas for example. They can be created by selecting a period of time within the Calendar.

If you’d like to name them, you can do so from within the Non-working Hours tab of Settings/Operating Hours.

If your company has subscription access to Dispatching, you will also notice that non-working hours can be applied to specific service providers as well. They can be set on the Work Calendar.

Company non-working hours will always affect service provider’s availabilities.

Service Provider Work Hours

For companies with subscription access to Dispatching, work hours are the equivalent of the service provider’s operating hours. They are set by default to the company operating hours and can be changed from within the Work Hours page of your Service Provider’s profile.

Under Service Provider click on the working hours.

Set the start & end working hour for that service provider.

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