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How to enable settings to capture data about prospects?
How to enable settings to capture data about prospects?

Enable your booking pages to capture data about prospects

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Know your Prospects and connect with them to convert more customers

Applies to Startup & Grow Subscription Users

MioCommerce has introduced a feature wherein you will be able to view contact information entered by someone who visited your booking pages and who started entering their information but then left without completing the booking.

You can also accumulate new prospects through the Communication hub!

Here’s a step by step process on to how to start receiving information about every hot lead prospect in your MioCommerce Backend Dashboard

a) In your MioCommerce account, in the left menu bar, under Service Pages, click on “Booking Pages

b) Choose the booking page for which you would like to receive every hot lead prospect. If you have multiple booking pages, choose each one by one and follow the same steps to “On” the settings

c) Inside Booking Pages, on the left menu bar click on “Settings” and then click on “General Options”

d) Under Prospects Settings, click on “Yes” to turn on the option to start receiving the information of every Hot Lead Prospect in your MioCommerce dashboard.

e) After you have click “YES”, save your changes and done!!!

Save the Hot Leads settings

Once you have enabled the hot lead prospect feature on your booking page, turn the notification "ON" to receive the emails for hot leads prospect.

To Turn "ON" notification for the hot lead prospect, go to settings >> notifications.

In General Settings >> Click "Yes" for New Hot Lead Prospect.

All information related to your prospects will be displayed in your MioCommerce backend – Dashboard and also under CRM "Prospects".

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