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How invoicing works?

Understand how to generate, edit and cancel an invoice. Send or save as draft plus different invoice statuses

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Available with Startup and Grow subscription

With MioCommerce's internal INVOICING feature you will now be able to generate and send invoices to your customers directly from within your MioCommerce dashboard.

Batch Invoicing: Batch multiple bookings from one customer into a single Invoice - You can send a batch invoice to your customers with all selected bookings. For example, if you do weekly service, then you can charge the customer each week and send one single invoice at the end of the month.

Invoice is sent through email and contains the below information -

  • Invoice date

  • Invoice status

  • Billing Address and details such as name, email, phone no.

  • Booking details such as booking number, booking date, amount

  • Taxes

  • Personalized note

  • Terms & Conditions

Invoice can be sent to multiple people at the same time. For example, if you want to copy accounts or yourself in the invoice, add additional email addresses separated by a comma.

To edit an invoice, please edit the field in the booking itself. This will reflect the changes in the invoice. Video Tutorial

You can add company-level Terms & Conditions. It can be used as rules the customer must agree to in order to use a service, a disclaimer, or as a way to protect your company in the event of a legal dispute. Each invoice will automatically include your terms & conditions.

Invoice Status -

Invoices move through different statuses from the time they’re created to when they’re sent. Invoices can take on the following statuses: Sent, Draft and Cancelled.

Paid invoices - To determine what amount has been collected, please look at the payment transactions section in the booking or customer profile.

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