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Batch Invoicing: Batch multiple bookings from one customer into a single Invoice
Batch Invoicing: Batch multiple bookings from one customer into a single Invoice

Send 1 invoice for multiple bookings from one customer

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Batch invoice (Grow Feature) - Making Collections Much Easier and Faster

Batch multiple bookings from one customer into a single Invoice and then send a single invoice with all selected bookings to your customer. You can combine multiple bookings into an invoice at once in a single window. Preview and send the invoice with a click. Here are 2 scenarios to explain how this new feature can benefit you -

Scenario 1:

John does a weekly service and charges his customer by end of each completed service. He can now send one single invoice at the end of the month.

Scenario 2:

Maria's team provides daily cleaning for a commercial office building customer. At the end of each month, she can now batch all the cleaning services (bookings) for the month and charge in one click.

How does this benefit you?

With Batch-Booking Payments (Launched in March) and Batch Invoicing,

1. Save time by invoicing multiple bookings at once.

2. Reduce your Stripe transaction fees. By batching all your selected bookings into a transaction, Stripes 30 cent fee is only charged once.

3. Enhance your customer's confidence by sending more Professional Batch invoices instead of invoices for each booking.

4. Enable end of month (or end of cycle) billing so you can now invoice & charge a batch of bookings all through your PodiumIO account using our PodiumIO payment processing solution (with Stripe integration)

Here is how to batch bookings onto one invoice:

  • Click on the customer you would like to batch send an invoice to

  • Click on the 'Generate Invoice' on the right panel under"Actions"

  • Check the boxes next to all the bookings you’d like to include in a single invoice.

  • You have the option to

    a) Preview - See how your Invoice would appear before sending

    b) Send the invoice

    c) Save invoice as draft and send later

    d) Cancel the invoice

A preview of the invoice would look like the below -

Helpful Article:

What if I want to charge after I create a batch invoice?

If you would like to charge all the bookings that you included in a single invoice. Simply follow the below steps -

Step 1. On the left main menu, go to Payments and click on Invoices. Select the batch invoice that you would like to charge.

Step 2. To collect the payment for all the bookings included in the selected invoice, click on "Charge Customer"

Step 3. Charge the customer from Stripe or mark as collected (if the charges have been collected outside PodiumIO for accurate reporting)

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